Optical Cable was installed

Optical Cable was installed across unexplored wild land at Dullu Municipality, west Nepal. This is the 1st DIY deployment of Optical Cable on the ground’s surface in a most-affordable manner meeting ITU-T Recommendations L.110 and L.163 by the local community; right end is H. Okamura.

ITU NEWS reports the Publication of L.163 on the BIRD Installation

ITU NEWS reports the publication of ITU-T Recommendation L.163. This completes the publication of three ITU standards ( L.1700, 110, and 163) and one Supplement (Supp. 22).  They altogether identify the requirements of affordable, low-cost, and reliable optical cable solutions for closing the digital divide and coping with the Pandemics; GP Inc. has proposed them and worked as an Editor.

Global Plan Inc. presented an invited paper on the Optical fiber technol.

Haruo Okamura presented an invited paper on the Optical fiber technol. for closing the digital divide at ESCAP Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway (AP-IS) Steering Committee.


Global Plan Exhibition @ UNESCAP Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Steering Committee 27-29 August2018, Bangkok United Nations